A Small Team Dedicated to Better Service

Many companies focus their goal-setting and planning around increased revenue and company growth. For accounting firms, we feel this leads to the over-promising, slow communication, and visible exhaustion you see from most CPAs these days. We only work with as many clients as we can service well and constantly improve our processes to make your experience better and our work more efficient.

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Management Team

  • Gary Wood
      Gary Wood
    • Kevin Yount
        Kevin Yount
      • Benjamin Zachary
          Benjamin Zachary

        Client Service Team

        • Andrea Joplin
            Andrea Joplin
          • Matt Lewis
              Matt Lewis
            • Sonja Krempges
                Sonja Krempges
              • Jenny Hitt
                  Jenny Hitt
                • Collette Howland
                    Collette Howland
                  • Jake McCully
                      Jake McCully
                    • Connar Loderhose
                        Connar Loderhose

                      Administrative Team

                      • Karessa Holt
                          Karessa Holt
                        • Michael Eck
                            Michael Eck