Our study of CPA services has provided us with the
following widespread complaints about CPAs and communication:

“I can’t get ahold of my CPA.”
“I only see my CPA once a year.”
“My CPA won’t return my calls.”
“I have a question, but don’t know what it will cost me.”

If you read our reviews, you’ll see that our clients rave about
our proactive communication and responsiveness. We achieve this in three ways:

State-of-the-Art CRM

At CRC, we use a one-of-a-kind CRM (Client Relationship Manager) that integrates with our workflow management system. Our entire team uses our CRM integration. This means our team’s communication with you is visible across our team, so we can take a team approach to supporting you together. No bottlenecks with any one team member. All team members and client communication visible across our entire team for a five-star experience.

Unlimited Communication

All clients subscribing to our Lifecycle Plans will receive unlimited communication. We are in the business of serving people, and how could we serve our people if there is a barrier to important Q&A’s. We gladly answer quick questions via phone and email for our Lifecycle Plan subscribers – no sneak billing.

Dedicated Client Success Manager

Lets face it, sometimes we get busy. Sometimes we have our head-down focused on other clients work. We will give your work the same dedicated attention and focus. To offset this inevitable busy-ness, we have a dedicated client success manager on our team. Her responsibility is making sure your communication is received, and your work is assigned to our team members in order of priority.

Geoff Sensel
Amazing to work with and we have had zero reason to question the work put into our taxes. Ben is quick to respond and will work to find the answer we need if he doesn't know it right away. Very much recommended. We use them despite being 3 hours away.
Sue Vannier
We have been with Compere Robinette CPA's for a number of years. The most amazing part about working with this Firm is that they are truly there to help you and answer questions in such a way that we, the layman, can understand and evaluate with this excellent, clean communication. We have had several emergencies where we needed answers immediately ~ and they were there!! We highly recommend them to one and all! SV
tuLIPS Speech Therapy
We recently started working with Compere Robinette CPAs and we have been thoroughly impressed with their communication, knowledge and guidance. Every time we get off the phone with Kevin we feel motivated and refreshed rather than stressed out and frustrated, like we have felt with CPAs in the past. I highly receommend Kevin and Compere Robinette CPAs!


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