More Than Just Tax Season.

Our clients value the planning we do year-round in “all seasons” more than the stereotypical “tax season” panic. Our service plans include multiple touch points throughout the year for review, planning, and updates, so we catch things other CPAs might miss.

Our better-way service plans include a minimum of two financial check-ups per year.

Fall Tax Projections

One of the most important parts of the CRC experience is Fall Tax Planning. Say goodbye to tax season surprises and get insights on your year-to-date numbers that will help you prepare for the April tax bill and make end of year buying and investment decisions. At CRC, end of year filing is easy because we help you proactively prepare all year long.

  • I love having our taxes done at Compere Robinette! Who can say they LOVE tax season!? You can, when you get them done here. CRC is great and makes it a smooth and easy process! Hands down the best.
    Brandi Knapp

Our Proactive Approach

When your finances are in order, you can operate your business with confidence. CRC goes beyond end of year filing. Our Lifecycle Plans are designed to give year-round support based on your business’s needs. Our service plans include the bookkeeping, compliance, advisory, and payroll appropriate for your business.

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