More Than Just Tax Season.

Our clients value the planning we do year- round in “all seasons”
more than the stereotypical “tax season” panic.

Proactive, Year-Round Communication

  • You have a check-up with your dentist twice a year for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Your mechanic provides maintenance to your car every 3,000 miles.
  • But your CPA only sees you once per year during the most hectic time of year?

Have you ever met with your CPA in the Fall?

Too often, CPAs are viewed as a “once a year” necessity. If you are waiting to meet with your CPA in the Spring season, you will be too late!  During the Fall season, we are busy meeting with our small business clients. It’s the perfect time for tax planning meetings that allow business owners to review year-to-date numbers, prepare for the April tax bill, and make end of year buying and investment decisions. 

At CRC, fall tax planning appointments are a key component of our Five Star Approach.  We believe proactively scheduled, built-in meetings with your CPA is crucial to providing a great experience.  These meetings allow you time to meet with your trusted advisor while there is still time to plan.

Our better-way service plans include
a minimum of two financial check-ups per year.

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